Initial Phone consultation: Free!
Approximately fifteen minutes, allowing me to assess whether we are a good match as pet sitter and pet owner.

Booking Consultation: Free!
Our meeting includes meeting your pets, filling out a client contract, taking notes on care, key pick-up and payment.

Follow-up Consultation: Free!
Any non-care visit with established clients to review changes to pet care, meeting additions to your furry family, etc.

Daily or twice-daily visits to your home.
Fresh water and food, treats if allowed.
Litter clean-up and disposal.
Giving medications as required.
Playtime, socialization and exercise.
Light brushing or combing.
Watering indoor plants.
Collecting mail and newspapers.
Lights and drapes/blinds rotation to make home appear occupied.
Trash and recycling bins (no comp taken to curb and returned after emptying.

In-home pet care: $28.00 per 30 minute visit for up to two pets.
($5.00 per each additional pet of any size or species. Fish sharing a tank = 1 pet.)

Check Up visit: $15.00 for fifteen minutes. This is only available if you are at home when I make the visit. Allows for medication to be given, litter box cleaned, other pet-related services you would like me to handle.

Transport to vet/groomers/other errands M-F (within north San Mateo County):
1. One way $28.00
2. Round trip $56.00 including a one hour or less wait time
3. Wait service beyond one hour is $56.00 per hour with a $56.00 minimum.
Animals must travel in a carrier. Pet taxi service is not available on holidays.

Key pickup/return fee: $10.00

Last minute (24 hours prior to requested time) booking fee: $28.00

Late payment fee: $28.00. This is if you are unable to send payment by Venmo once notified of failure to pay and must wait until you get home from your trip.

Holiday fee: $10 surcharge on Thanksgiving Day, Thanksgiving Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

Cancellations or changes: If you must change or cancel a confirmed pet visit, I require 48 hours advance notice or you will be charged one visit fee. For all holidays, including the week between Christmas and New Years, I require seven days notice.

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Payment is always due at the time of service. I prefer being paid via Venmo (@Lucy-Huntzinger), but checks are fine and should be made out to Creatures of Habit Petsitting.

Please note: if you live in an area with limited street parking I require a guaranteed parking spot, usually in your driveway or in your designated space in the garage.

Email me at creaturesofhabitpetsitting@gmail.com to set up a consultation. Please include the dates you need, the type and number of pets you have and the city you live in.

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